How long will it take to receive my product?
For non-custom stationery + fine art prints orders ship within 2-4 business days, custom stationery ships within 2-5 business days, and original artwork ships within 3-5 business days.  

How will my order ship?
You order will ship via USPS or UPS, whichever is most economical.


What size are your prints?
All of our prints are either 8" x 10" or 11" x 14".

How do you frame the prints?
However you'd like! Because our prints are *very* common sizes, you can find a frame at any of your favorite stores (i.e. Target, Michaels, West Elm, etc.). If you choose to have your print custom framed, it is designed with a white border around the art for your frame shop. Easy peasy!


What size are the cards in your notecard sets? 
All of our notecard sets are A2 size: 5.5" x 4.25"

Who created the stationery designs?
All stationery designs are created by Amanda Klein by hand. 

Is it watercolor?
Yes! Watercolor and liquid ink -- and sometimes, we throw in a little metallic gold, too!


Do you do wholesale?
Yes! We love our stores so very much and are slowing making our way across the United States!

Order minimums?
No way!

How do I view your line sheet? 
Send us an email with your store name at manda@mandamakesart.com


Why did you start making states with native wildflowers?
My love of plants runs deep -- my dad was a botanist and my parents taught me about plants before pretty much anything else!

I don't see my state! When will you release it? 
We are working super hard to get allllll 50 states completed! They take quite some time to do, so please be patient with us as we work. But be sure to signup for our newsletter to stay informed about state release dates! P.S. All states will be released in 8" x 10" and 11" x 14" prints, as well as notecard sets.

Do you teach any classes?
Not yet! Hopefully soon! Stay tuned!

Where is your studio?
My studio is in my home. I originally had a small corner of our garage where I created my work & handled shipping, but as my business grew I've had to move my art table upstairs into our living room and turn our garage into a shipping station + mini-warehouse! 

Do you take commissions?
I am booked for the remainder of 2020. If you're interested in 2021, please complete the "contact us" form or send me an email at manda@mandamakesart.com

What chronic illness do you have? 
Advanced endometriosis + adenomyosis

What is your return policy?
For non-custom items: We offer full refund or exchange for any order received in defective or damaged condition, within 30 days from date of purchase. In the event you are missing an item from your order, please contact manda@mandamakesart.com or text 205-543-0404 so we can make it right!

For custom items: We are unable to offer a refund on custom items unless the item is in defective or damaged condition. Request must be made within 30 days from date of purchase. If you have received a defective or damaged item, please contact manda@mandamakesart.com or text 205-543-0404 so we can make it right!