How to Frame A Fine Art Print

Wondering how to frame your new state print? What color frame to use, to mat or not to mat?!, where should you even purchase a frame? Let's get some of those questions answered! 

((And if you'd rather watch a video answering all your questions, just scroll to the bottom of this post.))


All of my prints are 8" x 10" or 11" x 14", this means: NO CUSTOM FRAMING NEEDED (unless, of course, that's your thing). So, where can you buy a frame for my prints? Anywhere that sells frames! Three stores I often send folks to:

  • Ikea: check out their HOVSTA frames, here
  • Target: Several customers have used these
  • Michaels: Huge selection of frames

Question: But what color frame should I get?
Answer: What color works best in YOUR space? I usually recommend a black, white or natural wood frame --- all of my fine art has been created to match any of those choices. I have also had multiple folks use a silver or gold frame, which looks absolutely beautiful. You do you, friends! 

Question: Should I add a mat?
Answer: How big of a space do you want the print and frame to take up? If you're looking to fill a large wall, then I recommend the 11" x 14" print with a 3-4" mat and a 1-2" frame. This will make the art look much larger and achieve the effect you're going for. 

If you just want the print to take up a small amount of space, use the 8" x 10" print and find a frame that fits an 8" x 10" exactly (without a mat!).

Question: Where did you find the frames in your pictures? 
Answer: The birch frames are modeled after an ikea frame (HOVSTA). The hanging frames are handmade my my husband and I --- we make these in large batches but they often sell out quickly. 

Question: Can you make me a frame like the one in your photo? 
Answer: One day, yes. :) However, it's currently not something we're able to offer.


 Still have questions? Use the "contact us" form on our page to send use your question -- we're happy to help!


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